Leaving My Job

I LOVE MY JOB!! I love what I do and my clients. I take pride in what I do and I love making people feel better about themselves.  It was really hard to let that go.  I looked forward to that time with that client in my chair and I kind of have them held captive for a while to sit and talk.  My last week of work I had mostly my “regulars” in for that last visit, (for now.)

It was hard to let those people go.  I saw some of them as often as every 3 weeks.  My clients became like family to me.  I dreaded the day that I would have to pack up and leave.  My very sweet co-workers had a little celebration for me and I said goodbye to that part of my life.  Doing hair is a big part of my identity so I will have to fill that void with something productive.  I am hoping to volunteer at the kid’s school but I am not planning on doing hair in CR.

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