Leaving the Neighborhood

One of the hardest parts of this process was leaving our neighbors.  We live in a very tight-knit neighborhood where people really take care of each other.  I remember dreading telling my sweet neighbor, Miss Linda, that we were leaving.  She had helped me so much while Nathan was traveling so she knew how ready we all were to be together again but she was definitely not prepared for the news. IMG_8762

She, like everyone else, was very supportive and ready to help in any way. When we had to send most of our belongings on “the slow boat to China” as we ended up calling it, she let us borrow whatever we needed to get by.  We had several people to do that…..other neighbors, friends, my brother and sister “in love”, and of course our parents.  We slept on air mattresses and played a lot of cards during that time. At first it was kind of fun, like we were camping but it did get old quick.  IMG_8079IMG_E8080IMG_E8081My sweet Sister-in-law was thoughtful enough to think to let us borrow scooters, Barbies and a really cool frisbee game.

The kids were troopers during this time.  We made lots of new memories and it was nice to kind-of unplug for a while.

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