Moving Day

We loaded up 4 vehicles with about 20 suitcases and bags and 16 people and met at Gibson’s Donuts on the morning of the move.  When we first moved to Memphis Nathan used to take Benson for donuts every saturday morning at Gibsons.  It is a special place.  Little did we know that it was National Donut Day and there would be a hundred people in line!  We made it through and it was totally worth it.

From there we went to the airport. I had really been praying for a positive goodbye and It really could not have been any more perfect.  There was a lot of laughter.  How could there not be?  We had 15 people, 1 emotional support dog and 20+ bags.  After we finally got all the bags unloaded and all the cars parked we had a circle prayer and said our goodbyes, or as I liked to say our “see you laters.”

I wasnt quite prepared for this goodbye.  My brother. We have been through a lot together and we can get a little sappy.  We both bawled like babies at each others weddings and I think we have been saving it up since then.  It was really hard to leave him.  He and his family dropped everything to come help us do the dirty work those last few days in Memphis.  He kept saying how proud he was of me and that is all anyone ever wants to hear.  He wasnt saying I’ll miss you so much or your husband is a jerk for moving you.  He was just saying I am proud of you and I love you.

All of the “see you laters” were hard.  It probably wont even really hit me for a while but I am looking forward to them visiting starting with my parents in September, My mother-in-law in October and my brother-in-law in November.  When we finally got though security our family was still there.  Still supporting all the way.  There is a really cool picture of us leaving that I have posted on social media but what you don’t see is the mirror image of that picture is this…..img_91131.jpg

5 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Ok this one got me!! I know how much Eric loves you and I can imagine the tears shed! (I helped console him at your wedding 😜) I know he is proud of you!! I am super proud of you too sis!! Love reading about this journey!! Love you!!


    1. I am crying at my office! Thanks a lot! I love you and no miles or oceans in between will touch that. Thanks to technology, I’m as available to you as I was when you were 3 hours away or down the hall. I AM very proud of you all and know this is where God wants you right now. Give a squeeze to all from Uncle Bubba!


  2. “Emotional sport dog”…I’m snorting! Literally snorting! Thanks so much for starting this blog! I loved reading all about it.


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