Wrapping Things Up

Our last couple of weeks in Memphis was kind-of a whirlwind.  We needed to finish up the school year, spend time with friends and have some great parties.

The kids finished the school year up with great grades, despite the major changes they were going through.

Sloane finished her first year of hip hop with a great recital.IMG_8666I had some great time with friends.

Special time with family

We had a few going away parties.  Shelli Sewell did a reception at the church.  The College/Young Adult group that we have helped with had one for us and Nathan’s office in Memphis had one too.

It was really neat for the kids to hear all of the nice things that Nathans Co-workers said about him.  We definitley feel the love and are grateful that people took time to make us feel special.  Here are just a few more pictures of our time with friends.



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