Getting Settled

After several delays we finally got to our house in Costa Rica at about 12:30am on June 2nd.  Our sweet relocation friend, Geovanna, met us at our new house with the keys.  I think that we were all really surprised that it actually worked out.  All 6 of us and all but one of our bags made it without much complication. (*Story later) Despite having never flown, Blue, did awesome.  He made it through 3 hours at the Memphis airport, a 1 hour flight to Atlanta, about 9 hours in the Atlanta airport and another almost 4 hour flight to CR.  We did get some strange looks at the airport and he might have wondered what in the world we were doing but we made it!!! And yes, they do have doggie relief areas in the airport, although he refused to use them.


We still had no furniture so we slept on air mattresses for the next little while, played more cards and did some swimming in the community pool. We checked out the local walmart, celebrated Benson’s actual birthday, enjoyed the workout room and watched some Netflix.  Did you know “Full House” is on netflix in CR?


I really expected to not drive here for a while because, frankly it is a little scary.  There are no addresses just destinations.  Thank goodness for the Waze app.  I needed to do some grocery shopping so I actually drove the second day that we were here.  It hasn’t been as scary as I expected. Well, the kids may disagree.

They even have a store like Sams here called Pricemart.  The kids and I had to check it out and great news, they have pizza, hot dogs and soda!  It’s the little things that make us feel at home.  IMG_E9226We have enjoyed the community soccer field and splash pad as well.  We have even made a few new friends in the neighborhood.




We are very thankful for face time and Whatsapp.  We have been able to keep in touch with friends and family.  I remember my kids saying that one of the first mornings they were here that they facetimed their cousins in Nashville for 3 straight hours. I try to limit their screen time but I can’t tell them no when it comes to talking to their cousins! Here are a few pictures from their ends of those talks.


I can’t say enough how proud I am of the kids for how they have dealt with this transition.  I am hoping that we will all look back, very soon, and laugh about this time with no furniture and few belongings.

*Blake Leigh realized that she didnt have her ipad the Saturday morning that we arrived in CR.  We looked and looked for it and couldnt find it.  We also realized that her backpack was missing.  We knew we had it on the way home so our fear was that we left it in the taxi.  Nathan called our friend Geovanna and even though it is not in her job description she called the CR airport and was able to locate it.  We drove to the airport tha next day and surprisingly it was still in that taxi.  It had been driven all over for 2 days and no one had stolen it.  Blake was very happy and I doubt she lets it out of her site ever again.

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