Music to our ears…

The first week here was a little rough. The house echoed and we had to be in each other’s faces to hear what we were saying. We were ready to fill our new home with furniture. I really had it in my head that when our furniture arrived we would feel at home.

That wasn’t exactly accurate. It was like our stuff is here but it isn’t the same. We are going to have to make an effort to make this house our home.

There were over 250 boxes to unpack and it was quite a task. Sloane and I had to mark off each box as it came in and check the condition of each item. We only had a few items that were damaged. The kids were very happy to see their belongings after about 8 weeks. Bensons long time buddy Dawson survived the boat ride. We were all happy to see him. He got sent on the ship by mistake. He was supposed to stay with us and go on the plane. Oops. Mom fail. The kids and I were exhausted after that first day but we at least now had a purpose. To make this house feel like home❤️

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