Daily Life

This is just a post to document what we have been doing lately.  Nothing too exciting.  We are trying to get into the futbol (soccer) culture here.  The boys got some Costa Rica jerseys and have watched a few of the World Cup games.  We went to our local province (Alajuela) vs. Argentina Saturday evening.  IMG_9396

Blake lost 2 teeth in one night and had a visit from the tooth fairy.

We made slime and played with it all day!

I just wanted to add these pictures of Blake Leigh.  I never know what shes going to wear.  She wore these outfits just to go shopping.

We have a huge nest by our front door.  Not sure what it is yet but they are coming to knock it down today. I think we will have somewhere else to be during that time!IMG_9544I also had to dodge a SCORPION on a run before church yesterday morning.  Unfortunately I did not stop to take a picture of it.

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