The Lows

I promised to share the highs and the lows of moving my family to a different country.  For the most part things are going as good as can be expected but I am having some trouble with my 9-year-old, Sloane.  She is at a very hard age.  I honestly think that we would be struggling with behavior whether we moved or not bit this huge change isn’t helping.

Sloane is a very passionate child.  I actually love this about her.  She is very loving and very loyal.  She has a group of girlfriends at school that she adores.  She says that they help her through hard times.  She is really missing them and facetime just isn’t cutting it.  When something doesn’t go her way or she feels like her siblings aren’t being fair.  She says she wants to run away and throws a huge fit.

Luckily, she is very willing to talk about it and I encouraged her to write in a journal about her feelings.  I try to tell her that she is not alone and I understand how she is feeling.  I try to remember what its like to be 9 years old. Sloane and I are very different though.  She is a people person and needs a little friend group.

I know in my heart that when school starts and she makes some friends that things will get better for her.  I also signed the kids up for some camps to go to before school starts.

Another thing that has been difficult is church.  We are going to a great church here and there are lots of kids that I know my kids will enjoy being around but the language barrier is hard.  Luckily, there is someone who comes to each of the kids classes to translate for them. Nathan and I are in a little bit of a different situation though.  There are so many precious people at the church and a handful that we can talk to.  I have heard that fully immersing yourself in a spanish speaking group can help you learn the language faster so I hope that is the case.

We have church on sunday mornings and a bible study on friday evenings at different people’s homes every week.  The church and the bible studys are about an hour from our home.  Not understanding what they are saying is difficult but every week I understand a little more.  I can definitely tell when they are passionate about something;) Yesterday at church our new friend, Diego, sat next to me and helped give me the main points of the lesson on his iPad and told me what scripture we were on.  They talk so fast here!!  I need to remind myself that we have only been here for a month (yes, we have already been here for a month!) It will get better over time.

Also, next week a group from our home church will be here.  We are so excited about that! We will be having VBS, and the kids are really excited about the basketball camp that they will be putting on.  It will be really good to see familiar faces and hear some lessons in English.  The kids and I are doing spanish lessons for about an hour a day but we know it will take a while to learn the language.

I share all of this mostly so I will remember how I felt about things at this stage of the process, not to be negative or make people feel sorry for us.  Please know that we are doing well.  I am very encouraged at this point of the process and I am looking forward ro all the fun and challenges ahead.

3 thoughts on “The Lows

  1. I’m a big advocater of documenting your life and that includes the ‘lows’. I’m enjoying reading along, and I think this gives a realistic view of how things are, not just the “Facebook perfect life” everyone tries to portray.


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