Family Visiting!!!!!!!!!!!

So a few weeks ago my brother and his family made the decision to make Costa Rica the destination of their family vacation. To say that I was excited about that was a major understatement.

We couldn’t wait to tell the kids and Eric and Rebecca wanted our kids to be the ones to share the news with their cousins. We had to come up with a plan and set up a FaceTime date with the cousins. Unfortunately, the internet is very unpredictable and we didn’t have a great connection but it worked out great and everyone was happy. There were even a few happy tears shed.

I wish I could share the video of this event but I can’t post videos….but you can tell by Benson putting his headphones on that there was some major excitement amongst these 7 kiddos!!

*they will be here tomorrow so there will be no sleeping by me tonight!! I am so ready!

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