Reunited…….Part 4

Day 6 and 7 (Thursday and Friday)

Day 6…..This was the day that we all were looking forward to most, I think.  The girls were going surfing and the boys were going deep-sea fishing.  I can speak for the girls in saying that it certainly did not disappoint! The boys on the other hand had a little different experience……

The boys day started at about 6 am.  Nathan was totally expecting and prepared to be sea sick.  (He gets car sick just playing video games with Benson) He had prescription patches, over the counter meds, and special wristbands.  He got up early that morning and put his patch on and was hoping for the best. They left for the marina at about 6:30am.  I think Nathan only made it a few minutes before he stared throwing up.  He said he threw up for 4 hours straight!!! Benson was pretty sick too but never threw up.  He said exactly 4 hours in he felt fine and he had a great time.  (he wishes he had put the patch on the night before) Eric was nice enough to keep putting sunscreen on his face and ears after he had passed out.  Eric and Camdyn felt fine but Cam did take a big nap.

They only caught one fish the whole day but it was delicious!! Eric took a great video of the experience but I can’t post videos on here so I will just share some pictures. (hopefully Eric will post the video on social media)

Us girls had a great time surfing.  The Manuel Antonio Surf School (MASS) picked us up at about 7:30 that morning from our rent house and took us to Dominical to for our surfing lesson.  These guys are awesome! We requested the same guys we had when our family went in June and we were fortunate to get them again.

Katelyn was not excited to go surfing but she quickly changed her mind.  Everyone was able to get up on the surfboards very quickly and SURF! Even little 4 year old, Katelyn! We have a few pictures but we will have more professional pictures soon.

In the end a great time was had by all and the Johns/Bland family vacation started looking up!! Here are a few pictures from the rest of our time at Manuel Antonio.

We found a great little restaurant and we ate there 2 nights in a row.  The first night it was too dark so we missed the sunset but we did get in on a great conga line. (Hard to see in the pictures)





Day 7 (Friday) We visited the National park and beach on our last day. We got to see monkeys, crabs, a deer, a couple of sloths and a rat!! EEK!

And here are some final pictures from our stay in Manuel Antonio.


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