Saying Goodbye, For Now

This was the day I had been dreading since they told me that they were coming.  We had to take them to the airport Saturday morning.  Of course it could not be an uneventful morning!!  Eric realized that he didn’t have his passport about 30 minutes before we needed to leave.  Luckily, he could trace it back to when he was driving Nathans 4-runner down the hill with no breaks…..keep in mind that Nathan had been trying to get a hold of the mechanic who had our truck for 3 days with no response. Luckily, when Nathan called him he picked up.  Nathan explained our situation and he remembered seeing a passport and was able to meet them there and give him the passport!

We made it to the airport in time and had to say goodbye.  This was hard. REALLY hard for me. A handful of people reading this blog will remember when Eric and I didn’t like each other very much. Time and loss has helped us to learn to like and appreciate each other.  We always LOVED each other but now we LIKE each other.  I really enjoy being around him now and it was SO HARD to say goodbye.  He has a precious wife and family too now and that makes it harder.

We had a great week together and I was so thankful that they chose to spend their vacation here. I think they really got a picture of what it is like for us here and I know that he feels much better about me being here after his visit.  It is still hard to say goodbye or “see you later.”   We will see each other again at Christmas and I am really looking forward to that.  I love you Bubba and I will see you in 4 1/2 months!!

And here are just some final random pictures from the week.

We have a very sad puppy also.  He is missing all of the extra loving from Katelyn:(

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