I will do something hard this year….

Look at the bottom line of this picture. In very small print there is a very important sentence.

Little did Benson know when he chose this quote and challenge to “do something hard” at the beginning of school last year, that he would be packing up and moving to Costa Rica.

Benson’s great teachers, Katie Wilson and Robin Bond, had the kids in his class choose a quote and a challenge for themselves for the year. I remember this quote well because I was one of the volunteers who helped put these cards together. I remember thinking “ok, Benson, what hard thing are you going to do this year? Run another 10k? Be nice you your sisters?” I took a picture of this little card but didn’t think much about it until much later when I saw it hanging in the hallway at school after we had told the kids that we were moving.

Benson definitely took it the hardest when we told them we were moving and he still struggles at times but he has been a rock! This move has been hard for all of us. But he has stepped up and he is really helping to get me through it. He has been a helper in the kitchen, he has been the first one up when I ask for help and he is really looking forward to starting school here and making some friends.

Poor guy had no idea when he chose “I will do something hard” what all that might mean. My hope is that this experience will open all of their eyes to different cultures and having to work hard to make things happen. We are making connections all the time that make me realize that this can only be good for all of us.

This week has been especially tough. I needed to make Doctor appointments for the kids before school starts on the 20th. I am so glad to have a few connections and I trust their recommendations but it is hard to find Doctors that speak English AND have office staff that you can communicate with to make the appointments. Also, insurance is different here and you have to pay everything up front and then hopefully get reimbursed later.

We found a pediatrician to help us this week and Benson has his first orthodontist appointment next week. I took Blake to get some swimmers ear stuff checked out and SURPRISE… the flu season is different here so hey all had to get a flu shot, which was in an entire different building. And did I mention that Nathan was in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile this week?

I am learning that I can figure things out, and I am very thankful for my new friends here in Costa Rica that are giving me referrals. I am also very thankful for google translate!! It has been a lifesaver. We are having Spanish lessons twice a week but it is coming very s-l-o-w-l-y!

This is our Spanish teacher, Anna. She is great! Luckily, she was at the house this week when we had to have some work done. The crew spoke no English so she translated for me. People here have really been very nice and helpful. I have also started yoga and Zumba class in the neighborhood so I have been feeling more like myself. This is my Zumba trainer…. he is very intense. (I still miss you though, Rhynia!) I do not mean to complain. The more I write I am actually more and more grateful for the people that have been placed in our path along this journey and for the flashes of maturity and grace I am seeing in my children. I am needing more and more of the grace lately as I am navigating this new life. I am also “doing something hard” this year but I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful support team. I know some that don’t have that. I pray to be more appreciative of the blessings that God has given me.

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