Shaking the dust off of our brains and getting back to school…..

Well, it has been a long time since these kids have been in school and had some structure.  We ended school in the States at the end of May and we are just starting back.  Our school here goes through June so we are feeling a little behind and rusty.  I have been having them read some but I don’t think watching Full House and playing fortnite counts as educational.

As I have mentioned the kids were very apprehensive about moving here.  There were a lot of things that they were nervous about and luckily school wasnt one of them. When we visited the school on our Spring Break visit the kids felt comfortable from the second we walked in.  I am so grateful!  I don’t know how many times as we were riding our bikes over the last couple of months that Benson said he couldn’t wait to start school.

Our school is called Country Day School, and it is an Early Childhood through highschool program. It is a very cool campus with open windows and doors and no air conditioning.  The kids class sizes range from 13-18.  I like that too.  It is an International school so there are people from all over the world there.  The students are instructed in English but have an hour of Español every day. We attended the orientation day for new families last friday and the kids had a great day. Now they are more excited than ever to start school on Monday. The buildings are color coded and they call them “houses” like in Harry Potter, which Benson loves. This will be the only year that they are all in the same “house.”

We only live a little over half a mile from the school so we are able to ride our bikes to and from school. I still ride with them until we get a little more comfortable.

We are very pleased with the kids teachers. Andi’s (Sloane’s) teacher just moved here from Florida a couple of weeks ago so they have a lot in common. The last picture is a view from Benson’s classroom. This is the road to our house and I think it gives him some comfort.  They wear uniforms, which is new for us, but great.  They have a different uniform for P.E. days which is nice. Benson has chosen to be in the band over choir so we will see how that goes.

The first day of school the bike ride was very uneventful.  Everyone went in to school happy and ready to start the day.  Day number 2 wasnt so great.  Sloane got ahead of me and panicked and went in the wrong gate and as she was turning around the arm of the security gate hit her on the helmet. She managed to get out of that area just to fall facedown right in front of the school.  Our security guards were so sweet to run to help her and Benson and Blake were really sweet too.  Benson really stepped up and took care of her bike and Blake offered to walk her to the nurse.

It was pretty horrible as a parent to make her go into school.  She did not want to go and I had to make her go.  I let Benson and Blake take her in and she was very brave.  The nurse took really good care of her and she ended up having a great day.  She had another wreck on day 3 so now I carry her backpack and that has made a big difference.

When I pick them up they have big smiles and we talk about their days the whole way home. Next week we start our after school activities but for now I am enjoying the easy afternoons with no ho homework and no activities!!!


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