Sometimes when I am feeling sorry for myself or just feeling down I have to sit and think about all of the things or people that I am thankful for.

This week there are some very specific people that make me feel encouraged and “not alone.”

I have mentioned our “buddy family” from school before but she has turned into a real friend over the last couple of months. Her name is Mariana and she has really been a lifesaver. She has called drs offices for me to make appointments. She has helped me try and figure out the dollars vs. colones stuff and she is always answering my stupid questions without making me feel stupid.

Another new friend I am thankful for is Diana. Her husband works with Nathan and she has gone way out of her way to make me feel at home. She has also called drs offices for me and is really trying to help me understand some of the cultural things that I need to know. She is from here but also has lived in the states. I look forward to many more lunch dates…..for the conversations and for the yummy places she shows me!!

The next person is a sweet little girl in Sloane’s class. Her name is Regina. Sloane was having a very hard time and Regina is the answer to prayer. She was also having a hard time and sloane has helped her too. She came over yesterday for a play date and she is just the sweetest little girl.

I am also very thankful for Sloane’s teacher. Her name is Ysabel (Ms. Ortiz). She is most recently from Florida and has been so kind to Sloane. She has already learned Sloane’s strengths and pushes her to do her best. I am trying not to let it hurt my feelings that people think she looks more like Sloane’s mom than me…..😉

She even went to church with us last Sunday! She just jumped right in and even helped in Blake’s Bible class!

And last but certainly not least…….Julie. I met Julie at family day at school. My Spanish teacher had told me that there was a girl that I needed to meet. She said that she was interested in taking lessons and maybe we could do our classes together. She and her husband and 2 babies had just moved here from Texas and he is the high school principal. I knew from the moment I met her that we were going to be friends. It was an easy connection and I am so grateful. We started lessons together that next week and now I have someone to complain to:) We are truly going through this experience together. I really do enjoy our time together.

I feel God with me in this experience. We definitely have challenges but it could be so much worse. There have been times where I have felt isolated and most of that time I have done that to myself because I honestly think it is easier not to rely on others. But now I am feeling part of a community. It is ok to ask for help and to open yourself up to others.

3 thoughts on “Thankful

    1. Hi sweet girl. I told you God would be there. I love to here your stories about your new friends. And they all mean so much more, since we’ve been there and met some of them. I LOVE ❤️ you so much. Have a great day.

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  1. You! I am SO happy to be doing this new adventure together. Like I said, soulmate friends 🙂 We may have had to move countries to meet each other but I’m so grateful we did!

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