¡Yo Amo Costa Rica!

So, I wanted to follow up on my whiney post by documenting all the things I love about living here in Costa Rica. And these are in no particular order😊

•The sunsets

The picture above the depicts almost every evening here in Costa Rica. Right now at the height of rainy season we don’t get to see it as much but I’m trying not to take it for granted.

•The early morning sunshine

One thing we are really enjoying is how the sun comes up very early. It makes us wake up much more naturally. There are also usually birds chirping. It’s very picturesque. The only downside to that is that the sun goes down very early which makes me ready for bed very early but not necessarily my children.

•The food

I can’t say enough about the food here. A few of our favorites are chi frijol, patacones, empanadas, picadillo, and Gallo Pinto, and our favorite ice cream place…pops! •The people

Costa Rican’s are very helpful and friendly. From waiters and waitresses to people in line behind me in the grocery store. There is almost always someone around who can speak English to help me out. I can’t count how many times I have been in the grocery store and not been able to communicate with a cashier and someone comes out of nowhere to help me.

During our first month here The kids and I were at Office Depot (yes it’s just like ours at home) making copies of some Spanish books and I was having the hardest time trying to communicate with the attendant. A lady came out of nowhere and asked me if I needed help. Of course, I did and she was able to relay what I was needing. Afterwards, the kids and I went to the back of the store to sit and wait and she came and found us and gave me her phone number. She told me if I ever needed any help translating to message her. She also invited me to an English-speaking church where she worked.

•The weather

Coming from Memphis this summer, the weather here was such a treat! People here would ask us if we were SO HOT and we would laugh and say we wouldn’t even get to be outside if we were in Memphis. We wouldn’t be able to breathe! The days can get pretty warm (but only about 80 degrees fehrenheit) but the humidity is completely different. The evenings are nice and cool. Very refreshing. One thing that is very different is the humidity in the house. There is no central air our clothes always feel wet and smell musty. I still need to work on figuring out a solution for that.

•The work ethic

The Picture above is of a man carrying at least two sheets of plywood on his back while walking down the street. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen that before. I know personally I would’ve felt like I had to have a truck to do something like that. There is a can-do attitude here. I know in our neighborhood they construction workers start at six and work through rain and wind until they are done at 4:30. When you go to restaurants or the grocery store you always see the same people working, every day, all day. Our security guards walk for miles to get to bus stops to get to and from work. And they always have a smile and a buenos dias, tardes or noches for us when we see them.

• Last but not least is the personal medical care from the kids doctors

This is the kids dentist. Benson has had to have several teeth pulled since we’ve been here and she has been awesome! She makes the kids all balloon animals before we leave and sits and talks very kindly to Benson while rubbing his head before and after she pulls his teeth.

We are also starting orthodontics with the kids while we’re here and the orthodontist was awesome too!

Our pediatrician here has also been very caring. He messages me personally to check on the kids the day after we come in and doesn’t mind if I call or message him if I have questions in between visits. That is very different for us also.

Overall things are going very well for us here. It is very different and every day still brings challenges but we’ve been very blessed with people around us and people praying for us back home.

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