Making ourselves at home…

I’ve noticed lately that I’m using the word “home” more often. I found myself the first few months always saying “at the house” or just not calling it anything at all. While Memphis is still home, I am starting to see the place where we reside here in Costa Rica as home now also.

We are really loving our school and our neighborhood. There is so much to do to keep us busy and active and we are really enjoying the beauty around us. Our church family is becoming a real FAMILY and we are starting to really know our way around. In fact, Nathan was able to drive to and from church this Sunday without using the navigation at all.  That may not mean much to just anyone but if he had visited us then you will understand😆

We were able to have our church family over in September.

we enjoy a yoga class on Wednesday evenings in the club house. The girls are working on their headstands. We are still all taking Spanish classes and although it is coming very slowly I am noticing the kids are communicating a lot better with people in Spanish. In fact, Benson was able to call the security guards the other night and have them turn the lights on at the soccer field!! All in Spanish! I was so proud. He is definitely the most confident of all of us! This is the Arenal volcano. We have now visited 3 volcanoes here in Costa Rica. Nathan has celebrated a birthday and Sloane made the cake all by herself. ( btw I had just hit a parked car in the parking lot right before the picture above😏)We are now officially temporary residents of Costa Rica. This is great because now we are able to leave the country and not worry about coming back here.

The kids were able to have student-led conferences at school. It was a great experience. Our neighborhood celebrated Halloween and the kids had a great time. We get to see all kinds of interesting things around here and this is just one example. Sloane and her friends almost got to see a cow give birth during recess one day. Sloane’s teacher asked her to decorate the classroom with positive sayings. She worked really hard and her friend Regina helped her hang them up.

This is a picture from a lunch we were invited to last Sunday after church. I honestly felt like I was with Family. This is a great group of people! I am looking forward to getting to know them even better.

I hate to jinx it but the kids seem to be getting closer through this experience. They still fight and scream at each other but the bonds that they are forming are strong and I am so grateful. Our puppy Blue has even made a friend:) we are thankful to Diego and Katherine for watching him when we go out of town and as a bonus he gets to play with Brownie My girls and their friend Mia. Blake in her soccer uniform The kids on UN day at school. They got to wear clothes to represent heir home. And Benson got to play his trumpet in the band for the first time.

We are almost 6 months in to this adventure and I’m feeling very positive. I remember the first month that we were here I was doing a mental countdown to when we were going to move back home. And the hard part of that is we don’t even know when that will be so I just had an imaginary number of weeks in my head. I don’t find myself doing that anymore. Progress!

On December 14 the kids and I will leave for a month to go back to The States. We are beyond excited and are making plans to try and see our loved ones.

One thought on “Making ourselves at home…

  1. Love that you are settleing in and not feeling so “lost and alone”.. God’s blessings for sure!! You and your sweet family have left a huge void and we miss you so much!!

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