Uncle BJ’s visit

Couple of weeks ago uncle BJ, Nathan’s youngest brother, came to visit.  The kids have been excited about this visit for a long time.  For him this was more of a leisurely vacation because he travels all over the world and does all kinds of cool things.  He mainly wanted to see the country, try the food, and go to a fútbol  game.  We did all those things and even used him as a babysitter a few times to take kids to doctors appointments.Sloane perfected her sign to greet visitors at the airport.

One of the big hits for the week was playing blackjack using Halloween candy to bet with. Our new favorite restaurant is La Tortilleria. We went twice that week! 😋BJ and I got to do the Britt coffee tour and acted as taste testers. He really enjoyed the “typical food” In the evenings the kids took him to the soccer field in the neighborhood I took BJ on a hike called Tres Cruces or three crosses. It is a pretty steep hike with three different crosses as landmarks. Unfortunately, we only made it up to the first one because it was so muddy. I will try this again in the dry season. There was a beautiful view of the city the whole way. We even got to see a Christmas 🎄 farm. Nathan was able to take a day off and we visited the Poas volcano. This volcano has been closed to visitors for 17 months because of volcanic activity. It was beautiful. The smell of sulfur was very strong and it was a little daunting. It was at least 10 degrees cooler up there as well. One of Nathan’s coworker’s took them to a local fútbol game. On our last couple of days we all went to Manuel Antonio and surfed. This has become something we all enjoy to do as a family and we wanted BJ to be a part of it. The water was crazy that day but we still had a great time.We hope he will come back and visit soon!

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