Tour Guides

We recently realized that we have become pretty good tour guides… Costa Rica is a wonderful vacation spot. Some friends from Memphis came last month and we really enjoyed showing them around. We didn’t get to do everything we wanted to because this is Costa Rican summer and some things were sold out but we really enjoying hosting and showing new people around our beloved country.

Of course Kadra has been here several times but her brother, Riley, visited for the first time in January. Kadra comes with our church group every summer and we were happy to get to spend a week with her in July. She brought her brother Riley along this January and we got to play hosts.

Sloane loves bringing her sign to the airport. She adds names every time someone new comes! They came in late on a Friday night. We were able to do a lot of cool things while they were in town. Saturday morning we got up early and went on the Starbucks coffee tour. That evening we had our church group over. They ended up having to rent a bus to bring everyone. I think there were about 75 people here including us. Kadra is close to everyone but she was excited to introduce her brother, Riley. Kadra and Riley were both huge helps in getting everything ready for the evening. And I definitely couldn’t have done it without them. The next day we went to a place called La Paz. In español La Paz translates to “the peace.” It is a waterfall garden and animal sanctuary. Unfortunately I didn’t take very many pictures but we had a great time seeing the beauty of this country.

They did some other activities with members of the church and I hope they enjoyed their visit. I look forward to doing this again😘

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