Perception VS. Reality

So before moving here I had kind of a perception of what it would be like and I know others did as well. So I just kind of wanted to do a funny post making fun of some of those perceptions and certainly not to complain but to show the reality of our life here.

* The perception pictures are actually of us doing cool things here:



Lots of sunburns!! Even with the best sunscreen. Being this close to the equator you have to be very careful. Luckily we have figured out how to combat this.

PERCEPTION (fun in the water)


Being a little bit silly here but this is about 30 minutes from our house.

PERCEPTION (road conditions)


This picture was taken when our brakes went out on the way DOWN from a volcano. Luckily my brother was with me, and with Nathan’s help back in San Jose, we were able to get a tow truck which was one of those “not speaking the language’ problems that we’ve had to deal with. Obviously we survived and so did our car. this is just a common back road there goes our car on the tow truck. We had to fit 10 of us in my Ford Explorer to go the hour back homeYou Just never know what you’ll see here.this is the driving course for the drivers license here The other day we had to do a simple tire change out because of a nail but forgot the driveway was on an incline and it rolled down the driveway. Nathan was a trooper and got it fixed. real road sign here this was my navigation trying to get down a busy street. If you can’t read it it says 16 minutes to go 890 m🤦🏼‍♀️



Nathan was literally throwing up off the boat for several hours. Finally, his patch started working and he was able to have a great time!

PERCEPTION (weather)


Rain, rain, and more rain… And not just a little mist or an all day sprinkle. I’m talking about downpours!!

I can’t even say how many times that the rain has ruined our plans but honestly we’ve ended up having fun almost every time…….. maybe not the times that I’m getting groceries.

PERCEPTION (animals should be outside or at lease not in the middle of the road or running into the house and dying😫)


these are normal sights in our house. We coexist with geckos 🦎 and all kinds of 🐜 🐛 🕷. I wake up to a dustpan full of dead bugs every morning. We are becoming less and less disturbed by the geckos and I am becoming thankful that they eat the bugs.

We also have a problem with birds running into our windows and dying or worse getting in the house 😲 We have to have to have nests removed oftendeathly poisonous snake in the water right where we were swimming. Normal street sign

PERCEPTION (inactive volcanoes)


this picture shows the ash in the air from our house this picture is from the volcano pictured first above just a couple months later.

PERCEPTION (that we would get mail)


we are still waiting on Christmas cards and birthday cards that were sent in January……AND we don’t even have a mailbox

PERCEPTION (absolutely no worries, we’re in paradise right?)


Mildew everywhere Everything is in Spanish. Dental hygienist attempting to talk to Sloane. I do realize that we signed up for this so not complaining just making note trying to find a movie to watch….in SpanishLiterally falling asleep in Spanish classwaiting in lines for things and we don’t even know what we’re doing! the daily battle with dust and volcanic ash. I have to clean the counters 3-4 times a day. Our windows and doors don’t seal so everything comes in.

PERCEPTION (happily leaving family and friends for a great adventure)

REALITY (missing family and friends terribly and having some very hard days)

Lots of FaceTiming but it’s not the same

these pictures were taken on Blake Leigh’s birthday. Her sweet friends called to say happy birthday This picture was taken on Sloanes birthday. Her precious friends got to school early to FaceTime with her before school AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST…..we are making friends that will last a lifetime. And growing closer and closer as a family.

*not pictured because I’m terrible about taking pictures is Diana Rodriguez and I’m sure a lot of other special people.

One thought on “Perception VS. Reality

  1. Bless your hearts!! Y’all give “troopers “ a whole new meaning!! You are so very brave to face these challenges every day and such an inspiration to all of us!!! Praying for y’all and your beautiful Christian example to all of us!!Love and prayers!!❤️🙏🏻❤️


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