Reality Check (aka my birthday)

So this terrible picture was taken on my birthday last week. To be honest, it was a very hard day. In this picture I’m sitting in McDonald’s… Yes, there is McDonald’s here in Costa Rica and it taste EXACTLY like the McDonald’s in the States. Do I normally eat McDonald’s? NO!! Yes, I do love it but I know it’s terrible for me. This is just an example of why my birthday this year was a little bit strange.

For those who know me pretty well, you know that I really LOVE my birthday. Who doesn’t? But I really get into it. I usually celebrate the whole month of April. I drag it out by my family celebrating with my parents in Arkansas, and Nathan’s parents in Memphis. And Easter is usually in there also so it’s kind of a big deal. Haha!

This year started out pretty normal. My sweet kids and husband had presents and a wonderful breakfast ready for me when I woke up. Not long after that my mom FaceTimed me. I have not been too homesick during this process but seeing my moms face triggered the tears that morning. I didn’t let her see me cry but I cried like a baby for a little bit afterwards. My poor family had to try to console me. I was OK just needed to cry.

The next part of the day was pretty normal as well, except for my Spanish class was two hours instead of one that day and towards the end I guess my face looked pretty confused and then I just broke down, right there in class, my poor Spanish teacher….. but luckily my friend, Julie, was feeling kind of the same way so we got to end class 🙂 In that moment I hated Spanish and I hated what I was learning (actually not learning because I didn’t understand anything…..preterit, preterit perfect, preterit imperfect, simple, complex😩) it’s a little overwhelming.

After Spanish I had some errands to run and didn’t want to go home and sit and think about missing friends and family so I went to, of all places… McDonald’s. I sat there and checked my Facebook page and responded to most of my birthday wishes.. It meant a lot to see all of that. It perked me up. I did cry off and on the rest of the day but I think I just needed it… Sometimes it actually feels good to get that out. That evening my sweet sloane made me this special cake. My mom makes the same cake for me every year and Sloane got the recipe from her and made it all by her self. It was delicious. A good reminder from home and also that I am very thankful to have my sweet little family here in Costa Rica

Saturday night I got to celebrate with Nathan at our favorite restaurant. My very sweet new friend Sylvia offered to keep all three of our kids and took them bowling and for ice cream. I feel very blessed and loved. If you’ll notice in the picture they thought my name was Yulianna. It will be a good joke for a while. I have a feeling that I will be a little more prepared for the feels that will come with this day next year…..on to 38!!

One thought on “Reality Check (aka my birthday)

  1. I love your message and your honesty. I’m sure it is difficult exciting bittersweet all wrapped together every day. You embrace it all so well. I can assure you your birthday was still better than most for sure. (Haha). Even in the states !!! Love you girl and miss you


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