BTA (before the accident vacation post)

We now refer to time as before the accident and after the accident… BTA we were having a wonderful vacation at a new spot in Costa Rica. It is called “The Whale’s Tail.” You can see from the picture below that when the tide is low you can see the shape of the whales tail.We were staying at an amazing house with a view of the whales tale. It had a beautiful pool and we were with great company. The first couple days were uneventful and fun. We enjoyed going to the beach and getting to watch the tide go down and walk to the edge of the whales tail. It was really beautiful watching the two sides of the ocean meet.We really enjoyed spending time with our sweet friends the Menendez’s. It’s been great seeing my kids get to be the “big kids” and help out with their little ones. We’re hoping that the trauma of the next morning does not keep them from wanting to go on vacation with us again😬

The next morning we got up and went on a horseback ride as a family to a waterfall. We were able to see some wild Razorbacks there were probably about 30 of them. I wish I had taken pictures for my family, who are huge Razorback fans. Although, these Razorbacks looked nothing like the mascot. Right after this picture we were all super hot and already in our bathing suits so the kids couldn’t wait to jump in the pool. I think it was Sloane’s second jump into the pool where she stepped back one step too far and fell off into the ravine. You already know that story.

I just wanted to make sure and document how much fun we were having before all that happened. We will definitely go back, maybe not to the same house because we are all pretty traumatized but we will definitely go back to the whales tail. 🐳

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