Update on Sloane

So Sloane is almost 3 weeks post accident! She has for the most part been a real trooper. We were able to pretty much just stay home the first week after her accident to let her recover and get used to her crutches. She went back to school the following week and has done really well. She has some really sweet friends in her class that are helping her with her bags, water bottle, and the elevator.

They have a very unique school (at least to us) that is kind of an open door, open window, lots of walking kind of campus. So she has had to do a lot of walking. We ended up renting a wheelchair for getting across the campus because it was taking her so long. We go back to the doctor in less than two weeks and they will do another x-ray to see what’s next.

The pain has subsided for the most part but she does get very exhausted by the end of the day and has had a lot of emotional ups and downs. I apparently just do not understand what she’s going through and in turn cannot relate…. I hear this a lot! I guess I have prayed for patience recently because I’m definitely having to work on it:)

We have been playing a lot of games, reading sweet cards from friends back home, we went to a couple of movies and even went bowling a couple of times. We are tying to stay busy. We tried to take her swimming last weekend with her shower sleeve on but it ended up getting wet so that didn’t work out. She was very discouraged but we are very hopeful that she’ll be swimming again in a few weeks. I have been amazed at how much help Benson and Blake Leigh have been. They have just really stepped up for Sloane. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers and keep them coming.

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