Stepping out of my bubble

It has taken me too long to write this post but I had a lot of thoughts running through my head and wanted to try to organize them as much as I possibly could. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am not a writer but I do like to document big moments in our lives.

A week ago Saturday we celebrated one year living in Costa Rica. We celebrated by each painting a rock that symbolizes how we feel about our first year. This idea was taken from Joshua where the Israelites set up stones to one day explain to their children and their grandchildren why they were set up. We placed them in our random rock corner of our house. We looked through pictures and talked about the highs and lows of the year.

I would say a year and about three months ago I started taking tiny steps outside the bubble that I’ve been in most of my life. When I say bubble, I don’t mean that necessary in a negative way it’s just all that I knew. My mom even said when I went to college that she felt like Searcy was kind of an extension of the bubble that I was already living in. I would not change anything about the way I was raised. I was taught how to be a good person. How to be kind to others and put God first in my life.

I use that term “bubble” because I have not gotten out of my comfort zone very much. I’ve made a few moves in my life… Paragould, Arkansas to Searcy, Arkansas. Then on to Little Rock after college and then to Memphis, Which is where I would consider my home. That’s where my children have lived most of their lives and where I started to kind of figure out my purpose.

When I look at my life…I observe that I have worked with children. I’ve worked in restaurants. I’ve done hair and now I am working with children again. I’ve only lived in the southern part of United States and visiting Costa Rica in 2016 was first time I’ve ever even left the country. Costa Rica is still the only other country I’ve been to. I have never liked change, except for when it comes to my hair 🙂 and I have pushed against it as much as possible. I think that is one thing about me that drives Nathan crazy. But when the decision came to move to Costa Rica I surprisingly jumped in without hesitation.

I think I’ve said this before but I was just needing some change from the cycle of being too busy, feeling frustrated and juggling everything but not feeling like I’m really doing anything with purpose. I think we all fall into that trap of being “busy” and feeling like our children have to be involved in everything but feeling like we are on a hamster wheel. I don’t think it’s worth it. I will have several disagree with me on that one but our lives have calmed down for the better and I’m very thankful.

Since moving to Costa Rica I’ve had a lot of time, sometimes too much, to reflect on what is important for us to be doing as a family. Service, is I think number one. And we could always do more of that and number two, I think, is just spending time together. I don’t think we would ever regret that we spent too much time together as a family. And by time, I mean simple stuff like playing games and going for walks. Exploring this beautiful country that we get to live in.

As my kids get older they want to spend more time on devices and while that is easy, I think we need to be much more purposeful to interact with one another. Right now school is wrapping up and our children are having a hard time saying goodbye to their friends. Some just for the summer and others they do not know when they will ever see them again. They are moving to other parts of the world. Costa Rica is a very transitional place and people come and go every couple of years. I think this is a good lesson for our children to learn now while they’re young. Learning to have to stay in touch with friends is a good lesson.

I would say that all of our minds have been opened over the last year. I think most of us went into this very anxious and afraid that we would not find close friends and not find a real purpose and I think we would all say that we are adjusting well. Benson has learned that he really enjoys playing the trumpet and is very dedicated to practicing. He’s formed a very close bond with his band teacher and looks up to him. Andi Sloane has found that she has got some very sweet friends that are loyal and helpful and her time of need. Blake has found that she loves playing soccer and has discovered a love for writing stories and reading. Nathan is really loving his coworkers and seems to really be thriving at work. And I feel like I’ve grown up so much over the last year. I’ve had to do a lot of my own which, to be honest, at the time I resented, but now I feel like it has really helped me. I really love teaching at the school and look forward to doing it again next year.

I’ve had several people ask me about how our Spanish is coming and I am sad to say that it’s slow…..I think the only way we are going to really learn Spanish and feel comfortable speaking is to be more immersed in it.  We are understanding more and more and that is encouraging. The kids and I are planning on doing a camp in a few weeks here in Costa Rica where will be fully immersed for the week.

We have made some really wonderful friends here too. From our church family to my “buddy family” friend from school that helped us get settled and help me out of my funk last summer to my Costa Rican friend, Diana, who by the way is still my friend even though I said her name wrong for the first six months of our friendship🤣 We meet with every other week for lunch, unless stuff comes up 🙂 to my sweet friend Ana, who also has precious children that my children have gotten close to. We’ve also made very good friends with our children’s friends parents. My friend, Sylvia, who has helped me in more ways than I can express and of course the teachers at the kids school. We have been very blessed.

In the next couple of months we will have family visiting from the states and we will also get to go home for some time and we will look forward to that so much. Even though we are really enjoying our time here we miss our family and friends terribly back home. We have really grown to appreciate those special people from home.

To end this post I want to keep it on the light side by listing some things that I’ve gotten used to here in Costa Rica, things that I’m starting to get used to in Costa Rica and lastly things I don’t think I will never get used to here in Costa Rica.

Things I’ve gotten used to:

Nothing being easy or clear-cut, groceries being very expensive, wonderful food, traffic, rain, communicating through WhatsApp, someone always being willing to help

Things I’m starting to get used to:

The humidity, the heat in my house, the bugs, cleaning the floors every day, communicating through Google translate, nothing being on time, having to pay to park almost everywhere, turnabouts at intersections instead of stoplights

Things I don’t think I’ll ever get used to: the way people drive, no parking, parking on the street, being afraid they’ll take my license plates for not parking correctly.

Do you see a theme here? I would say the most stressful thing that we deal with is driving and parking!

I’m sure there are a lot more things that fall into these categories. Thank you to those who have prayed for us and please continue the prayers. We look forward to seeing many of you over the summer.


One thought on “Stepping out of my bubble

  1. Love you and your family. I am so glad I have met you, Blake and Andi Sloane. God knows why we go where we go and why we meet the people we meet. Thank you for sharing, listening and caring always. ❤️

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