A Visit From Grandpa and Nana

On June 12, Grandpa and Nana came to visit us. There was a little change of plans with Sloane getting hurt. We were supposed to leave for The States on June 14 but since we couldn’t, they came to see us. We were able to do a lot of fun things and show them around our new country. This was Mr. Dave’s first time here and Mrs. Nancy’s second time.

The first day they were here they got to see the kids at their last day of school and we went to a very cool restaurant with a beautiful view called Mirador Tiquicia.

The next day we visited the Starbucks coffee plantation and did a tour. We also went to our favorite place to take visitors, La Paz, waterfall gardens. that Saturday, Benson, Nathan, Mr. Dave and I did a hike called tres Cruces. It was a fairly difficult hike with no signs. You have to figure it out on your own. There are three crosses along the way that are completely unrelated to one another. Makes for a very fun hike. I have never made it to the third cross so that was the goal for the day! We did it! This is the view from the first cross. This is the view from the second cross. I cant believe I have no pictures of the second cross. It has actually fallen over and it easy to miss.

This is the third cross. You can see it at the top of a mountain near where Nathan works. Benson was worn out! This next picture was from when we got home. He said he couldn’t even walk. Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day at church and relaxed. Monday we got to go to the doctor with Sloane where he told her that she could start putting weight on her broken leg. We also got great news from the x-rays that it was healing on time. But the best news of all was that she could start taking her boot off to swim!!

After the doctors appointment we took off for the Irazu volcano and a “haunted” hospital that was once there to serve tuberculosis patients. We have passed it several times and wanted to visit and we finally did.Like A lot of times here… The weather decides on what you get to see or not. We did not get to see the volcano but the drive there was beautiful. They were able to witness the beautiful sunsets, crazy birds that wake you up at 4:45, lizards, geckos, and delicious Costa Rican food.The day before they left we got to spend the whole day at the pool. We even ordered pizza and stayed there through lunch. They loved having Grandpa tell them stories at night. This was something that he started doing when they were very young. He even, kind of, got used to having Blue around. They were able to hear Benson play his new trumpet, A LOT! When it came time to say goodbye, it wasn’t so bad because we knew we would see them soon when we visit in July. We love you Grandpa and Nana. Thanks for coming to see us. See you in a few weeks!

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