Checking In

It’s been a while since I’ve last updated so I thought it was time. Nothing earth shattering going on. But I just want to document this point of our life.

We have been in Costa Rica for 16 months. I know that sounds like a mom who insist on only giving her children’s ages in months, but just like in child raising, when you’re doing something completely different every day counts!

We have been back in the swing of things for about six weeks now with school starting. Nathan’s job is going well and the kids are in full swing of their afterschool activities. One of the things that I love here is that all of their extracurriculars are immediately after school so we are not running around at night to get to practices.

Benson is involved in cross country, art and tech, and trumpet, of course. Sloane is doing engineering, swimming, (although, she is out for a month with a broken arm, I’ll get to that later) Chess club, and cooking. Blake Leigh is doing STEAM, swimming, and basketball. I am still substituting at the kids school. I even taught Spanish class for a whole day.

I was at school last week teaching PE class when Sloane’s friends came and got me saying she had fallen off the slide. I was thinking it wasn’t that big of a deal because my kids are kind of clumsy but of course, I was wrong. Luckily, I was able to leave quickly and take her to the hospital. The doctor confirmed that her wrist was broken. She was very calm about the whole thing until then because she assumed it would be like last time where the doctor had to set the bone and put on a cast. Luckily this doctor recommended a splint instead of a cast. He said the cast will be useless in a few days after the swelling went down. She still has to wear the splint and sling 24/7 for 4 weeks but it’s still so much better than the cast.

Another cool thing that has happened since school started is that Sloane got to join band this year and she is doing percussion. She was really hoping that she would be able to do that. Just one more way that she and Benson can drive each other crazy in the house. That was one unfortunate thing with the arm breaking because now she has to do with one arm. Her band director has been very supportive and is working with her on this.

In September we were able to go whale watching. That was an amazing experience. It was only about an hour from our house and we hope to this again. It is a seasonal activity.

I have joined a hiking group that goes out most Monday mornings. It is a group of people from all over the world and has been a cool experience. These are some windmills that you can see from our house. We were able to celebrate Costa Rica Independence Day. We also had to make a very tough decision about church. One of the pulls to us moving here was the relationship that our church back home has with the church here. It has been a great experience for us to get to know these precious people. Although, over the year we came to realize how hard it was to actually worship there. The language barrier was really difficult. I think when we went into it we thought we would learn Spanish much more quickly and that would make it easier for us but unfortunately we have not. We made lifelong friends there and plan on continuing that relationship but have decided to go to an English-speaking church closer to us. I have found myself in tears a couple of times because I had missed that connection.

The real kicker for me was the kids. They are the age now where we would really like for them to WANT to be baptized. I tried to force Benson to go to a youth event and he wanted to hide in a corner the whole time. Again, it has nothing to do with the congregation it’s totally us and our inability to communicate.

The new school year has brought new friends and strengthened old friendships. I have a new friend from California with two little girls that Blake Leigh and Sloane connected with instantly. And they even live in our neighborhood. Benson is still super sad about his friend from last year, Nolan, leaving but we’ve been very proud of him for making some new friendships this year with some new kids.

On another positive note we now have someone here helping clean the house two days a week. She speaks zero English so it’s bound to help us with our Spanish. Her name is Norma and she’s very sweet. She knows much more about taking care of a house like this than I do.

Overall, I would say things are going very well. I’m also happy to say that next month my parents are coming for Thanksgiving and then shortly after will be home again for Christmas. I just to end with a few pictures.

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