Prepping To Go Home

My usual routine for the week before we head home for the month for Christmas is making a lot of lists and pre-packing. You may wonder what in the world is pre-packing? There is a lot that goes into packing before I can actually pack the bags……This consist of making a lot of piles. I start with what I think I should bring and then over the week I condense it to what I SHOULD bring. It usually depends on what airline we fly. Sometimes we have to pay per bag so that is really tough. With Southwest we get two checked bags per person so that is always the best but then the kids get no TV screens on the flight 😩 (poor spoiled kids.) This time we are flying United so we have to pay per bag. And we only even get one carry-on. That makes it very difficult for me. It’s not so hard going because we usually don’t have that much because we usually borrow winter clothes from my sister-in-law because it’s very impractical for us to buy things because we don’t need them here. We always have so much more luggage coming back because of Christmas gifts and general shopping. I try to be really efficient and pack empty bags inside other bags.

We are leaving next Saturday the 19th. We plan on being in The States for four weeks. We usually jump all over the place and have sleepovers and play dates. This time it will definitely look different. We are coming from a situation where we have been very isolated since March (driving restrictions, curfew, only Virtual school) and now going through airports and big crowds so we are planning on just laying low and spending time with family. We will not be going to church or large gatherings. 

We plan on taking it day by day. We do know that we are going to wear masks, even with our family, and not take any risks. It is totally worth it to us to be able to see our family. A year is too long!!

Today I spent the day, not making piles, yet, but making extra masks so we will have some new, fun ones to look forward to. Even the baby dolls and our snowman have one. 

It will be difficult because we will have to change the way we normally do family Christmas but it is temporary. No big cousin sleepover in the floor but at least they will get to see each other and we we going to focus on the positive! We are hoping for good weather with both families so we can be outside!This was from a zoom call from my daddy’s 70th birthday Sunday. We are so ready to see each other, masks 😷 and all!


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