Mango 🥭 Sap Rash aka Costa Rican Poison Ivy

So we learned something new this week…. there is a sap that comes off of mango trees that can cause a rash that presents just like poison ivy to those who are sensitive to it. (Which my family is, except for me)

On Sunday we and another family went mango picking in our neighborhood just like we did this time last year and the following day my family started dropping like flies with his terrible rash. First was Sloane, then Blake, then Nathan. Because both girls have food allergies, I first assumed that they had eaten something that they shouldn’t have. I started with hydrocortisone cream and antihistamines and that didn’t work and then a friend mentioned this mango sap rash. She had done some research because her husband had gotten a burn on his face from picking that day as well. I have to mention though that he was literally squeezing the juice into his mouth😂

Sure enough this is a real thing and I immediately started the girls on steroids and they are so much better. That’s when Nathan’s eye started swelling and he is now on steroids as well thanks to one of my nurse practitioner friends helping me out😉

These mangoes ended up being the most expensive and frustrating mangoes we’ve ever had. Hopefully they will be delicious.


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