Saying “See Ya Later”

Well, this week was hard. Blake Leigh had to say goodbye to her best friend. Blake Leigh and Miles have been best friends pretty much since the first day of school here in Costa Rica. They were both homesick and a little out of sorts and they just immediately clicked. I might add that they are both a little quirky as well.

Fortunately, they have been able to be in the same class every year even through the virtual schooling over this last year. They have even been able to do some schooling together at our home seeing as we are in the same social bubble. That even includes swimming on our lunch break.

These two have a very special friendship. They are truly able to be themselves. They both still like to play with toys and use their imaginations.

We knew the day was coming that we would all be moving but we found out recently that Miles will be moving a little sooner than us. Blake Leigh was very sad but she knew that she would still get to see him on screen at school every day so that made her happy.

This week we let them spend a lot of time together in preparation for him leaving today. We had a big camp out at our house and let them do school together one last time.

They also gave each other special gifts to take to their new homes.

These are photo books from their three years together that Miles’s mom and sister made. They both signed them like yearbooks. So cute!
This was from Blake Leigh to Miles
This was from Miles to Blake Leigh

We all feel so blessed by this friendship and we are so thankful that we enjoy being with this entire family because we will need to nurture this friendship from a far. We plan on continuing to make plans to vacation with them either halfway or at their new home❤️


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