Costa Rica COVID Update

Well, it’s not pretty. As I sit here hearing more uplifting news from The United States about hope on the COVID front we are just hearing more and more negative news here in Costa Rica. As the president is passing on hopeful news about not wearing masks soon and getting to gather with your love ones we are hearing about more driving restrictions and schools being closed again.

Let’s face it, the driving restrictions only let up a little during the best times and we had very few weeks where the kids were able to go all week without having some kind of disruption. But, those weeks that they were able to go, even though it was just part time, were so wonderful. Having some kind of normalcy, even for a short time, was great.

I’m really sorry for those of you who like to read really positive post but this just really stinks. We would have really liked to have been able to spend time with people before we leave Costa Rica. The kids would have liked to have seen their friends at school, and we would have liked to have some real goodbyes with hugs from our friends.

We will have been here three years when we leave in June and 15 months of that will have been in lockdown. Our first year and a half I feel like we were thriving. We were making friends, building relationships and exploring a new country. I even had a job at the school that i LOVED!! This last 15 months have been pretty brutal. The kids have had way too much screen time. Not much interaction with other human beings, besides each other. And without that community we can really tell a difference with our children. It is time to get our family back in a community. Now, with that being said each kid has had some friends to help them get through and for that we are so thankful.

Just to get a picture here are some statistics that I stole from the Internet. Covid is worse than ever here in Costa Rica right now and the vaccine is getting a very slow start. People assume because Nathan works for Pfizer that we have had the chance to get vaccinated. We are hoping to get the chance very soon. I think I read today that Costa Rica is between phases 1-2 of 5 with the vaccine. I think they are still working on the elderly. So many people are having to fly to the states to get the vaccine. It really causes a divide between the haves and the have nots.


I know this is in Spanish but it gives an example of our driving restrictions. It basically just says that we can drive every other day.

I do realize that this could be so much worse and we are so close to moving back to The States. I just don’t want us to forget that there are still people that are very much dealing with this virus (way worse than we are) and I don’t want us to forget or take for granted the opportunities we do have.


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