Buddy Family

The school the kids will be going to is called Country Day School.  It is an English-speaking school but has families from all over the world.  They have a buddy family program that helps new families get acquainted with the area and she school. Yesterday, I got a call from our buddy family mom, Mariana.  We talked for about an hour and it turns out they live in our neighborhood and have 2 kids that are around our kids ages.  She was super nice and helpful.  She filled me in on some camps that the kids could get involved in this summer and the best places to eat;)

They invited us over yesterday afternoon and the kids connected really quickly.  Their daughter is 7 and got along really well with Sloane and Blake Leigh, and their son is 10 and clicked immediately with Benson.  We left their house feeling a bit giddy.  I told them when we left that they were a Godsend.  I am very thankful and look forward to getting to know them better.

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