Reunited and It Feels So Good Part 1:

So, the moment we have been patiently (not really) waiting for has finally arrived!! My brother and his family arrived from Nashville.  I had been working on an itinerary for weeks.  I had the meals and activities all planned out.  If Nathan had done it there would have been a spreadsheet but mine was handwritten:)img_0206.jpg It took both of our cars to pick them up because there are so many of them!! Here is how the pick up went…….

We got to the airport with all of our signs, made by Andi Sloane, and waited…and waited.  I finally got a text from Eric saying that they had arrived but their luggage hadn’t.  I immediately assumed he was messing with me because that’s what he does but unfortunately he wasnt.  So, we waited some more and we did lose come of our momentum.  They finally came out and it was just as expected….magical!!  The kids were so excited and I was a little emotional.  I did feel so bad for them though because the airline didn’t seem to have a clue where their luggage was or when it would get here.  IMG_0252IMG_0253IMG_0260IMG_0836IMG_0270IMG_0259IMG_0923Rebecca was thoughtful enough to bake and bring Benson (all the way from Nashville) 2 fudge pies, his favorite. Luckily, she had put one of them in her carry on. It was a little smashed but delicious!IMG_0982

IMG_0276We piled in our cars and headed to our house for supper.  We were all pretty giddy!  It had only been 2 months since we had seen them but it felt like forever.  The kids got busy planning skits and concerts.  The adults just enjoyed each others company.  Our dog, Blue, was in heaven having all of these extra kids to love on.  While I had been working on an itinerary for the week my kids had been working on sleeping arrangements.  I didn’t get any pictures of the boys but they were happy to have their own room.

The next morning we were happy and proud to take our family to our church here.  They were welcomed with open arms and a kiss on the cheek.  (We had to warn them ahead of time about the kiss on the cheek;) I know that my family was pleased to see how nice and welcoming everyone at church is to us.  The kids all enjoyed their Bible classes, Tico time (coffee, snacks and fellowship between Bible class and church) and the worship time.  IMG_0977IMG_0943IMG_0938IMG_0898IMG_0917IMG_0970IMG_0966IMG_0958The kids Bible class teachers are so great.  They make sure that there is always someone there to translate for our kids.

After church we went to a typical Costa Rican restaurant that we really like so they could taste some of our local favorites, like Chi Frijo, ceviche, and casadas.  We also got to introduce them to the wonderful fresh fruit drinks and special teas.  (I have peach tea from a bottle.  Mom, it is not a beer;)IMG_0881

After lunch we changed clothes and went to a really cool park to play and hike.  Unfortunately, it is rainy season, and if you let it, the rain can ruin your planned activities.  We didn’t let it though. We hiked in the pouring rain and the kids had a blast!


Luckily, Rebecca had thought to pack the kids church clothes in a carry on but they needed other things to get them through the week since they had no idea when their bags would arrive so I took her to the local Wal-Mart.  She realized very quickly that it wasnt exactly the same as the Wal-Mart at home. Items were about 2x as much and hard to find. *we are very grateful for walmart though!IMG_0283

While we were at Wal-mart, the kids decided that they wanted to earn some money to spend during the week so they made a smoothie stand in the driveway.  I think they made about 10mil colones, which is about $20 USD!  This is what we came home to.

This was just days 1 & 2.  A lot more to come!!


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