Things I took for granted in the states……


I had to add a couple more things to my list this morning that I can’t believe I forgot!

I am not writing this post to complain. I am just putting some thoughts down so I will remember how I felt at this point of our move. Here are a few things that I have realized that I took for granted living in the states. I will follow up this post by writing about all the things I love about living in Costa Rica.


So apparently there is a way to get Amazon in Costa Rica but it is not the same. I definitely took for granted having dog food and shoes delivered to my door (in 2 days!) luckily, we have had someone come visit us just about every month since we moved here so I am able to send all of my orders to them. Since clothing is so expensive here it is a lifesaver.

# 11 Wearing “play clothes” on my days off

So Costa Rican women dress up. Like really dress up. Back at home I could start my day in workout clothes and literally take them off before I went to bed. Here women do not wear shorts and definitely look nice wherever they go. Hair is done and make up on. It is a little intimidating. It is hard for me to want to wear nice clothes when all I do is sweat! It is not that hot outside but with no air conditioning in the house I get pretty sweaty😫

#10 Not paying tolls

I can count on 2 hands how many times I’ve had to pay tolls before we moved here. We now have to pay tolls to and from just about anywhere we go. It is a little over a dollar (550 colones) each time we go through a peaja (toll booth)

#9 Stop lights

Believe it or not we do not see many stop lights here. When we first moved here we would see the street sign saying “ALTO.” I asked Nathan if alto meant yield because everyone was just kind of slowed down. He said “no, believe it or not alto means stop.” For those of you who are familiar with the 5 way stop in Bartlett….it is like that at every intersection here but way more intense. We take our lives in our hands every time we get out.

#8 Groceries not costing an arm and a leg

Many people thought that things would be so much cheaper here and we would be saving so much money….not so much. Groceries at our local grocery store are about 2x as much as the same items in Memphis. And there are some things that i just can’t get here….example, cream of chicken soup…crazy, right? Eating out is also crazy expensive. I am trying to eat more like the locals so we can save some money. I need to start going to the local farmers markets more often but the hours don’t always work out great for me.

#7 Not having lizards in my house

Here in Costa Rica we have all kinds of critters. I have seen multiple lizards in my house, worms and caterpillars most every day and I dust pan of bugs waiting for me every morning when I wake up. I once had a bird in my kitchen that did not want to leave.

#6 My hair products

I know that sounds pretty silly but I have been doing my own hair since I was about 12. I brought several things with me on the plane but I am desperately needing to do my color and I can’t find my products! Luckily, my mother in law is coming in a few days and I have already had her go pick up a huge order from the beauty supply store for me.

#5 Drive Through Pharmacies.

I never once considered how fortunate I was to have the convenience of picking up medications without even having to get out of my car!!

#4 Parking lots

I would say that one of my biggest frustrations in living here is trying to find somewhere to park. And if you are able to find somewhere to park you have to pay for it. You have to pay to park at the medical offices and hospital here. You have to pay to park at the mall. And even if you are able to find a spot on the street to park a random guy will tell you that you owe him 2 mil ($4 dollars) for him to “watch your car.”

#3 Being able to communicate with people

Now, I do realize that I am the minority here and I DO NOT EXPECT people to cater to me….but it is so very hard to try and communicate with doctors offices or security guards when you don’t speak the same language. I am finding myself able to understand more and more every week but actually SPEAKING Spanish is another story.

#2 Sonic

I know this sounds ridiculous but oh how I miss my route 44 unsweetened tea from sonic. And just the comfort of grabbing one on the way to work.

And finally #1 TARGET

That one stop, spend 2x as much as you had planned, wonder that is target. The convenience of being able to get toilet paper, spinach and razors at the same place…. and if I was lucky and had some extra cash a coffee from Starbucks too!!

One thought on “Things I took for granted in the states……

  1. Don’t underestimate how great you are doing. It was such a culture shock for me, and I spoke the language! And you are so brave…I wouldn’t drive on Costa Rican streets if you paid me!!! You got this!!!

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