Twin day

I’m feeling overwhelmingly thankful this morning. When my children announced that they would be having “twin day” at school about a month ago it made me very anxious. Our kids are obviously new at school and there are a lot of other children with very established friendships. I was afraid my children would have no one to twin with. Very quickly after the announcement I knew I didn’t have to worry about the girls because their best little friends we’re already making plans with them on what they were going to wear. Benson was a different story. He never would tell me if he had made plans with anybody. He has several good friends at the school but had not really talked about a best friend.

I try to let my children handle these kinds of things by themselves but yesterday I started getting a little nervous for Benson because I could tell he was feeling left out. I asked him what his plans were and he told me that he’d talked to a friend of his about matching but he was out of town and wasn’t sure if he was going to make it in time or if he even remembered their conversation. I just had to let it go and let him deal with it. I also had to remember that boys are very different from girls and don’t need to discuss at length every little detail of what they’re going to wear. Yesterday he came out of school with a big smile on his face saying that Nolan was back in town and they had talked about what they were going to wear. Now, it was basically just a color scheme but he knew he would have someone to match with today.

I do realize that this sounds very trivial but when you move your kids to a different country, away from friends and family, there’s already so many things that they have to deal with and feeling left out is not something I wanted them to have to feel this week. We have been blessed with some really good kids that have made my kids feel very welcome and today was no exception. I don’t know why I was even worried about it to begin with. Benson and Nolan. Sloane’s friend, Regina, borrowed Blake’s shirt. It worked out perfectly! Blake’s friend, Mariana, actually bough Blake an outfit to match her!

Sloane’s teacher sent me this picture.

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