Starting Over

It’s been a while since I wrote anything and I have had so many thoughts but I haven’t really been sure how to put them into words. While we are so grateful to be back in The States, this move has not been easy. I would say for Nathan and I it has been pretty seamless. Everything is so convenient. We already have our Florida drivers licenses, we have found doctors and dentists. We’ve already had to have several repairmen out to the house, and had no problem with communication 😂

The physical part of moving has been easy. Even making friends for Nathan and I has been pretty easy. People have been so welcoming. We love our neighborhood and the way it is set up we have an alleyway in the back and we have already made great friends with the neighbors. We have even placed membership at a church close by with a great youth group.

The part that we are dealing with right now that is so hard is starting over with school for the kids. I do realize that we are only in week 2 but it has been so hard to leave them in the mornings. Blake Leigh really has done great. I drove her the first few days because we live so close to the school but after spending hours in the car and her being late for school after leaving way early, I gave in and she now rides the bus. That is a first for us but it is going great. Our neighborhood is the only stop so it was a no brainer!

Benson and Sloane are really struggling. The first day they were nervous of course, but we thought they would be fine once they got home. Nope. Sloane said she cried twice and consensus was that everyone already has their friend groups….how lonely. For Sloane, it has gotten better every day and she had made a friend. Benson hasn’t yet and this morning he was in tears and didn’t want to go to school. He worked himself into a stomachache. It was hard to make him go.

Watching your kids go through these things makes you question all of your decisions as a parent. When I was younger I used to think that people who moved around had a glamorous life and that it was cool to have those life experiences. I had no idea that with those life experience comes a lot of heartache and challenges. When we were making decisions on whether or not to move to Costa Rica I sought counsel from people who had done something similar and they said that it was very difficult but that they would do it all over again. That is what made their children more resilient and adaptable. I thought that the moving to Costa Rica part was going to be the difficult part and the moving back was going to be easy but I guess this is also just as difficult. All part of the process.

I’m sure the kids will be fine and in a week. I will have a completely different attitude (or at least that is my hope and prayer) but for now these are my thoughts.

I will leave with a few updated pictures of our Florida life. *My family still hates the beach so we’ve lived here for two months and still not been. The Mother’s Day picture was just a drive by after eating at a restaurant close to the water.


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