We recently were able to go back to The States for a month. It was a wonderful time and it was honestly kind of hard to come back here to Costa Rica. Mostly because we really enjoyed time with family. We got to spend a whole week on vacation with my parents and we stayed with Nathan’s parents the rest of the time. His grandfather passed away while we were there but we were so thankful to get to spend time with him before he passed.

One of the questions we get asked very often especially over the last month was “when are you coming back?” And “how much longer do you have in Costa Rica?” And the answer is we really don’t know. This used to frustrate me because I kind of always want to know what’s next but isn’t that kind of ridiculous?

From the time we are a little we always kind of know what’s next. After kindergarten, first grade. After high school is college and then we have to get real jobs. When we get married everyone wonders when we’ll have kids and so on…… We are in a unique position right now where we are really not sure what our next step is. But aren’t we all?? We are not promised tomorrow, or that promotion, or our good health. That’s why I feel like a relationship with God is so important. I do pray that we are learning things that we need to know now for our next experience and I do kind of have an idea of what I want that next experience to be but never in 1 million years would I have expected that I would be moving to Costa Rica if you had asked me a few years ago so I have to have an open mind of what is next.

I have decided to enjoy this time of living in the moment and not having to worry about what is next because when that time comes it will be stressful trying to decide where we will live and where the kids will go to school and what I will do for work. For now I’m going to enjoy taking my kids to a school that they love and having lunch and coffee with friends that I adore.

I’m extremely thankful that I have made close friends here and with the start of a new school year I’m looking forward to making new friends. This year we were asked to help with a buddy family system here at school. I have already made a new friend and looking forward to helping her transition to this country. I know how much my buddy family friend, Mariana, helped us gets settled and I now consider her a close friend.

So no, we don’t know how long will be here or what the next step is but I pray for patience for myself through this process and hope that I can enjoy the time that we have here now.

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